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Many travel companies offer East African safaris. So, why select Finch Travels? We’re glad you asked. At Finch Travels, when you talk, we listen. Our clients tell us what they value in vacation travel, and we go out of our way to deliver a memorable experience—every time. We pride ourselves on seven key discriminators that set us apart from the competition:
We believe that first-class service is a right of every traveler booking a safari with us, so our experienced safari guides are always delighted to offer you personalized attention. In fact, they get in touch with you as soon as you book your safari and remain at your disposal all the way to the end of it, as they see you off at the airport. We keep the group size manageable when traveling, too, precisely so we can maintain a high level of service and develop a lasting relationship with our clients.

Superior Service
One of our expert safari guides accompanies you on your safari, briefing you on your travel itinerary and sharing his or her vast knowledge of wild flora and fauna. Consummate professionals, as well as possessing experience in safari guiding and natural resource management, all Finch Travels safari guides hold a degree in Wildlife Management or related field

Expert Safari Guides
To ensure safe, comfortable, reliable transportation for our clients, we maintain a fleet of custom safari vehicles that are serviced regularly and comply with government requirements for seat belts, two-way radios, speed controls, and the like. What’s more, our vehicles are stocked with bottled water, binoculars, field guides, and other necessities. And, we guarantee you a window seat on safari.

Custom Safari Vehicles
Our headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, is manned by experienced travel professionals who carefully plan your itinerary and provide 24/7 backup during your safari. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized attention to every client, from the time you first contact Finch Travels until the end of your safari. In fact, our special brand of Kenyan hospitality is our trademark.

Local Offices in Africa
The safety and comfort of our clients remains our primary concern. Consequently, Finch Travels works closely with Flying Doctors’ Society of Africa (FDSA) to provide complementary medical evacuation services in the unlikely event of a health emergency during safari, including in remote areas.

24-Hour Medical Evacuation
As a result of our unparalleled commitment to excellence, our clients enjoy additional benefits available only from Finch Travels:

  • Our safari guide always meets you at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on arrival and sees you off at departure.
  • You receive complementary airport transfers between your Nairobi hotel and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.
  Finch Travels Company Extras
Founded on the principles of ecotourism, Finch Travels works closely with Youth for Conservation, a local charity in Kenya, to save wild animals from snaring. In addition, we have joined forces with Kasigau Ranch, a community-owned ranch bordering Tsavo West National Park, to promote this location as a tourism destination consistent with conservation practices and ideals. Simply by choosing to travel with us, you greatly help further this vital cause.

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Meet The Team

Frank Omondi,  Managing Director

Since 2000, Frank has worked extensively in his field, conserving wildlife and directing safaris in Kenya and Tanzania. In addition, he has served on the board of Youth for Conservation, a Kenyan not-for-profit wildlife conservation organization, which has accorded him an opportunity to collaborate with the local communities and advocate for better wildlife policies in Kenya.Recently, Frank traveled to the United States and the United Kingdom, where he lectured on wildlife conservation in Africa at Western Kentucky University and at a London celebration of the Born Free Foundation’s 21st year. Before establishing Finch Travel, he led treks to Kenya and Tanzania for IntoAfrica Eco-Travel Kenya and Tanzania Ltd. Frank earned his BSc in Wildlife Management at Moi University.

Boniface  Nganga,  General Manager – Kenya

As well as managing Finch Travels day-to-day operations, Boniface devotes his time to guiding safaris and volunteering to save wildlife with Youth for Conservation, a Kenyan not-for-profit wildlife conservation organization. Born in a Taita community on the Kenyan coast, arguably the most hospitable tribe in Kenya, he developed an early interest in wildlife and conservation, participating actively in wildlife clubs at primary and secondary school. Boniface holds a BSc in Wildlife Management from Moi University.David Ogiga,
Tour Operations
Managing a strong team of experienced professional safari guides, David leads wildlife safaris “off the beaten track,” crisscrossing Kenya and Tanzania’s national parks. With his outgoing personality, resourcefulness, and immense knowledge of biodiversity, he has changed the face of safari guiding at Finch Travels. Clients especially appreciate his willingness to share his passion for wildlife. David pursued his studies in Wildlife Management at Moi University, earning a BSc..

Douglas Weru, Driver Guide

Hailing from Central Kenya, Douglas distinguishes himself as one of the most experienced members of our team, having been in the tourism industry for more than 20 years. He began as a driver guide at Keekorook Lodge in Maasai Mara in 1986 rising through the ranks of his career by hard work and rigorous training. He joined Finch Travels in in 2005. Douglas is outgoing and extremely knowledgeable on wildlife and the local way of life and will keep you entertained with his interesting jungle tales.

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Company and Team Overview

At Finch Travels, we combine our intimate knowledge of East Africa and our relationships built through wildlife conservation efforts to show visitors the real Africa. Simply stated, our primary goal is to share Africa with the world in an unassuming and responsible manner. We take pride in our work, serving clients who appreciate exquisite wilderness and exotic game and who wish to contribute significantly to empowering the host communities.With our close proximity to all travel destinations in Kenya and Tanzania, we offer 24/7 onsite support and unparalleled access that only “local” staff can provide. In addition, we have a strong partnership in the USA, which will add an extra layer of support and personalized attention to our clients.

Running a successful safari business in Africa is all about building true relations every day. Today, we not only take much pride in our extremely dedicated staff in Nairobi (Kenya) and partners in the USA who are all passionate about Africa, but also in our distinguished friends and partners in Africa and beyond who make it possible for ‘even the wildest of our client dreams come true’.

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Mission and Ethics

Finch Travels active involvement in promoting conservation through ecotourism defines our personal and professional ethics. Consequently, we design our safaris to include destinations in conservation areas and with eco-friendly accommodations. For example, some of these tented camps and lodges, many constructed using local labor and natural materials, operate on eco-principles, such as serving organically grown foods, burning coffee husks to heat water, mulching biodegradable waste for compost, and recycling waste water. We also support their local communities, building and equipping primary schools and medical clinics and funding women’s groups. Moreover, for travelers who wish a more intimate experience with the environment, some of our safaris provide an opportunity to visit a local community, meet and talk with the villagers, and volunteer in community initiatives. Working with the Kasigau Community Specifically, Finch Travels, also operating as The Old Line Safari Company, has formed a formal partnership with Kasigau Ranch, Ltd., a community-owned ranch bordering Tsavo West National Park. We endeavor to promote this 52,000-acre ranch as a tourism destination consistent with the principles of ecotourism and hope that through this initiative the community will appreciate wildlife more as a resource than a liability. To this end, we pursue the following commitment throughout our work:

Commitment to Our Clients

Professional guides accompany all of our safaris. We scale our business such that we can deliver highly personalized service and maintain a relationship with our clients. And, we treat all clients equally, regardless of gender, nationality, race, or religion. Through employee and client feedback, we continually strive to improve our products and services.

  Commitment to Conservation In all that we undertake, we actively and conscientiously strive to protect and preserve our natural environment and resources. Finch Travels donates part of the company’s profits to Kasigau Wildlife Trust, a community led enterprise founded by Finch Travels and the over 2,500 shareholders of Kasigau ranch in an eco-tourism venture. www.kasigau.org 

Commitment to Society We recognize the immense role of local communities as custodians of our wild flora and fauna; hence, we arrange safaris that provide for our clients extensive interaction with them. Proceeds from our clients’ stay in the game parks and reserves helps meet the costs of community projects and wildlife conservation.   Commitment to Our Employees We strive constantly, in words and deeds, to develop, encourage, and maintain the highest level of trust, honesty, and understanding among our employees, guests, clients, partners, and the general public. Finch Travels is an equal opportunity employer, endeavoring to provide to every employee, at every level, the necessary training and fair evaluation.  

Corporate Partnerships

Soteni International – is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the orphans and other vulnerable people who have been most affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. Soteni International support communities, called Villages of Hope, that prevent and reduce the effects of the disease while they support the children.



The Born Free Foundation is an international wildlife charity working throughout the world to stop individual wild animal suffering and protect threatened species in the wild.


Other Partners Include:


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